Grandma’s legacy

My paternal Grandmother was a fabulous cook.  Visits to Grandma’s house meant lots of hugs and kisses and a big plate of brownies or cookies, lovingly made from scratch that morning. Family dinners consisted of enough food to feed a family of 40, instead of our family of about 15, with 3 main courses and roughly 9 different side dishes. As good as it was, and as packed up with leftovers all of our mini families left with, there was always plenty left over. As my Grandpa used to say “The ‘coons in our neighbourhood sure eat well”.  I associated my Grandma with love, hugs, and food!

After Grandma passed away about 10 years ago I was lucky enough to be the one to claim her coveted recipe box.  It’s a small stained yellow box, about 6 x 3 inches, but it contains gold. There are a few recipes carefully cut out of TV Guide and People magazine circa 1970 but most of the contents are lined index cards handwritten by Grandma. Over the years I’ve flipped through the box, taking special note of the cards with notations such as “Dad’s favourite” and “Our family loves this dish” but have never taken the steps to prepare any of them.

I’m sure you are all familiar with the blog/book/movie Julie and Julia, where a then unknown blogger cooks her way through a Julia Child cookbook to shake up her life. This inspires me to do the same with Grandma’s recipes, and while I won’t be as rigid as she was – I will be skipping some, cooking from other sources as well, and I have no self imposed time limits, I feel I am finally ready to dive in. When Babygirl is a bit older I will share these recipes with her so Grandma will continue to be in our hearts and minds.



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