A whole new way to eat hot dogs!

Tonight was another one of those nights where the What’s for Dinner question came too late. Taking a quick look through the fridge I saw we had hot dogs, but just before I was about to ask my boyfriend to go out to buy buns I spotted the crescent rolls and remembered a recipe I saw not too long ago:


This was a quick, fun recipe to make and was a BIG hit with my boyfriend who was expecting regular old hot dogs for dinner!

I did change it up slightly based on what I had in the house – I used a slice of marble cheddar on each instead of the american cheese slices and used Old Dutch Arriba Nacho Cheese chips instead of the ones called for in the recipe.

As you can see from the picture one of mine unrolled, but the other three were perfect – and they all tasted yummy 🙂

In the future when I make this with Babygirl I will try to make it a bit healthier….perhaps deli ham or chicken instead of hot dogs and maybe plain tortilla chips or homemade seasoned breadcrumbs instead of the nacho chips. Adding tomato sauce and some veggies like green peppers would be good too.

Let me know if you can think of any more variations we should try 🙂hotdogs


One thought on “A whole new way to eat hot dogs!

  1. The veggie and tomato sauce idea is great! Pizza pockets. Pineapple would be good too and a big hit with my kids

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