Parenting fails

One night last week I was sitting on the couch with babygirl laying next to me. She was casually kicking her leg up, shifting to her side, then down again. I had my leg up as a barrier and one hand lightly resting on her stomach. The next thing I knew she had kicked up with such a force she rolled right over my foot and was laying on the carpet beside the couch! My heart stopped. I immediately picked my howling baby up off the ground and held her tight. Within about 30 seconds she stopped crying.

She was perfectly fine, not a bump or bruise on her and it seemed to just initially shock her. Like a new mother though I called the nurseline for advice and stared at her pupils obsessively, felt her head for lumps, and woke her up a few times over the next 24 hours.

Still feeling like a bad mother I turned to other mothers to admit my parenting fail. What surprised me is that most of them laughed it off with an “oh is that all” and proceeded to tell me their own stories of dropping their babies, bumping their heads and other similar ‘fails’. Even when I admitted what happened to our doctor at a routine visit a few days later she reassured me that these things happen.

No one is a perfect parent. We all just need to give our babies what they need – food, a safe sleep place, clothing, diaper changes and most importantly – love and attention. As much as we would like to we can’t put our babies in a bubble so the bumps and bruises are bound to happen and we just have to hold them and kiss it better when they do.