Where has the time gone?

Babygirl recently turned eight months old!

When I was pregnant everyone told me to ‘enjoy every minute’ and warned ‘it all happens so fast’. I, of course, took this advice with a grain of salt….but they were so right! For the last eight months I’ve been watching this wonderful little girl change from a tiny innocent newborn blinking up at me to a fast crawling, pulling herself up, grabbing at everything, trying to be independent actual little lady! And it all has happened in a blink of an eye!

I had many plans for how the house would be by the time she was this age, things I was going to do with her, and I was sure I was going to record EVERY milestone both on video and paper, no matter how tiny. But you know what? Life still happens when you have a baby. They demand a lot of your attention but you also still have to deal with other things. In the time since babygirl was born family members and friends have passed away, friends have had problems and have needed my support, house repairs were required, and our cat has had some ongoing health issues. It’s also hard on a relationship of 10 years to suddenly have an extra person added to the mix so wonderful boyfriend and I have had to make some time for each other.

I sometimes feel a little lost and guilty about how to handle all of this. I am blessed to have amazing support from family and friends, and sometimes all it takes is to read a few posts on one of the online parenting blogs to realize that other Mom’s have the same issues and feelings that I do. I may have missed the recording of some milestones but I was there to witness all of them. I wrote down the first food she ate but have forgotten the second and the third, but I’m doing the best I can – babygirl is happy, healthy and safe. She is developing on track and has the love of many many people. I now know that I can balance motherhood with my regular life and it is actually a nice blend! Just more tiring 😉


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