The Frustration and Love of Parenting a Toddler

I STILL look at my 16 month old and think ‘We made you, I grew you, and now you are here!’ I thought about how amazing it was a lot when I was pregnant and now still after well over a year am just amazed at my baby girl.

Sometimes I am filled with an overwhelming love for her and the things that she does and other times I feel so annoyed at how she gets into absolutely everything and requires constant attention. I used to feel guilty about this but then talked to other Moms – and Dads – and they all nodded in agreement. This is a HUGE part of parenting! Now when I get frustrated with her getting into everything I try to flip it and look at it from her perspective – she is learning. Not only is she learning what things are and what they do – she is also learning how far she is allowed to go. How many of my buttons she is allowed to push! This makes her a perfectly normal toddler and I have to remind myself of that.

One of the most important things I’ve learned about parenting a toddler is that when she is frustrating me often all I need to do is get down on the floor at her level and interact with her. She shows me her toys and often will come and sit right on me. We stack her blocks and play with her other toys and we both enjoy it. The bond is unreal!

She won’t let me read to her yet – she pays attention for all of 2 pages then slams the book shut! As reading is such an important part of my life I cannot wait to have her curled up on my lap sharing a book – I’ve been told this will come, but I’m still antsy and worried she will never show an interest.

I’m trying my best to enjoy everything she does as she will never be this age again. I’m watching her put words together and amazed at how much she understands things already. My baby is growing fast!


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