Growth – not quite where I planned, but growth!

My daughter turned two last week and a lot has changed in the last year. Watching her grow up is absolutely amazing and such a miracle!

The last year has also been a year of major growth for myself as well. Cultivating friendships – old and new, getting into my groove as a Mom, and finally finding my groove as a writer – doing the things that make me happy and feeling like I’m contributing to help someone, not just myself. Sadly that means this blog has fallen to the wayside…I’m sure you can all agree that Motherhood comes first, being a girlfriend and a friend comes second, then paid writing and hobbies fill up the rest of my time.

I started this blog shortly after I had Babygirl because I had such big plans for growth for myself – into a domestic goddess type Mom. I realize that now was a BIG challenge for me, and although I had high hopes, I haven’t been able to live up to my expectations. This has caused me some moments of frustration, but I have decided to let it go. Have I completely failed? NO! I have learned some new skills…maybe not quite the ones I had planned, but I am a lot more knowledgeable in some areas than I ever have been before.

Will I give up? NO! But will I push myself or feel guilty if I fail again? Nah, it’s not worth it. I will learn what I can and leave the rest. Maybe I won’t be the Mom who sends her kid to school with home baked goods and maybe I will have to get my Mom to continue to fix my child’s clothing – but I offer my child everything she truly needs and make the rest work.

I hestitate to tell you that I DO in fact have a new challenge laid out for myself this year. With the importance of eating a little more healthy, and the high cost of food, I WILL cultivate a garden this year. In my mind there are visions of large rows of a multitude of vegetables and fruit trees growing in the yard – but I’m a writer, I have an active imagination 😉 Realistically, if I plant a few herbs and maybe a few vegetables I will pat myself on the back for an amazing start. Like I said – I will do what I can, and leave the rest.



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