It’s tough to be 2!

Sigh…my daughter has been 2 for a few months now and it has been an emotional time for her – and, of course, US! She’s really growing into an actual little person now and has her opinions – oh boy, does she ever have her opinions! And now she knows how to test her boundaries.

When I mention the ‘terrible twos’ to people, most of them respond with: ‘just wait until 3!’ So, I guess this goes on for a while…We should just try to make an action plan now and hope for the best!

I’m trying to remind myself that it must be tough to be 2, to realize that you want to do something, then you are told no or that you have to do something else now, yet not really be able to grasp WHY you can’t or why you have to stop. We’re also still in the midst of potty training and transitioning her into her big girl bed – so maybe there’s too many changes going on right now. WE don’t think they’re major – but for her, at this particular time especially, they’re likely overwhelming.

I think we need to back off her a little – to remind ourself often that she’s learning to be 2 and we should learn with her. We’ll let sleeping in the big girl bed slide until potty training is more under control, and remember that one step at a time will likely get us there faster than trying to take a giant leap all at once.

The ‘terrible twos’ won’t likely go away – and will still frustrate her, and us, but we’re sure hoping the understanding will make it a little smoother for all of us!


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