And It’s Tough to Have a Two Year Old!


Now that I’ve gotten that out let me explain!

I have a 2 year old.

If you also have, or have had, a 2 year old, I’m sure you understand.

My last post is full of love and understanding, and gentle reminders to myself that she is only 2 and I need to be patient.  I take it all back! I still love her of course, but understanding has gone out the window…and patience – well that packed up and relocated without a forwarding address!

It’s hard to believe that one minute she can grasp my face in her little hands and give me a kiss – then the other 59 minutes are her running around, yelling, chasing the cat, dumping toys on the floor, and touching things she shouldn’t – all with a smirk on her face.

Add in trying to potty train, fighting with her to get her teeth brushed, and reminding her nightly that she needs to sleep in her own bed  – well parenting isn’t quite the joy that people claim it to be.

I KNOW I’m not alone, so I’m guessing that people who have children have blocked out these years, and are fondly reminiscing on the days of babyhood where cluster feedings were your biggest problem, then jumping ahead in their minds when their kids were firmly enrolled in school and gone for 7 hours a day!

There have been a few days where my body longed to be pregnant again and have another child to love…but the last few months those days have gone away, to be replaced with looking into permanent forms of birth control.

I’m just thankful for those tiny (seriously TINY) occasional glimpses into how sweet she is – which makes it a little easier to keep control during the tough moments.

Maybe tomorrow she’ll let me put her pants on without a fight, or when she asks for an apple she won’t say blech and hand it back to me.  One can always hope right!



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