Product Review: Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Threat Conditioner

My boyfriend loves products that make his scalp and skin tingle – and while I can tell you from an esthetic standpoint that tingling isn’t typically a good effect as it means your skin is being irritated – I bought this conditioner for him so he could continue his appreciation of all things tingly!

One night during a late evening shower, in which I forgot to bring in my new bottle of conditioner for myself, I reached for this Giovanni product and was pleasantly surprised. Yes, it did tingle a bit – but not so much I could feel my scalp fighting the irritation, and it went on quite nicely. Tea tree can be kinda hit and miss for a lot of people – some love it, some hate it, but it wasn’t overly tea tree smelling and the smell didn’t linger so don’t let your tea tree aversion deter you from this product. This conditioner was easy to rinse out and left my hair feeling soft and shiny. My hair is long and a bit delicate so I don’t know if I would be able to use this as my all-the-time conditioner as it’s fairly mild, but I have used it a few times since and always enjoy the way my hair looks afterward.

I have used other Giovanni products in the past and was quite happy with them so I can vouch for the fact it’s a good line. It’s also cruelty free and more natural than most other products out there so you can feel good about using it!

Pick up this, and other Giovanni products, at most local health food stores as well as Whole Foods.



Product Review: Original Beauty Blender

Maybe you’ve seen that little pink, bulb shaped sponge at Sephora and wondered what it is and why you need it. Well that my friends is the Original Beauty Blender Sponge and I’ll give you a few good reasons why you need it!

The common use is to use it to apply your foundation. My favorite way is to run it under warm water then squeeze it a few times to release the extra water, dip it into foundation and dab and blend all over my skin. The water helps to give you a smooth finish, and also works to ‘fill’ the sponge so it doesn’t soak up (and waste) a lot of extra foundation.

The shape of the sponge allows you to move the foundation into and around all the creases of your skin – again giving you that flawless finish.

If you are a powder foundation lover, this sponge, slightly dampened, rolls over your skin to lock the powder in and eliminates the ‘powder look’ – thus giving you a glowy, more natural finish.

Use it to dab on your liquid blush, to blend in your contour, highlighter and luminizer, and even use the thinner end to apply your concealer.

I have a friend who has a second sponge she uses to ‘roll on’ her moisturizer every morning and evening. I have personally not tried this – I really should – but she swears it’s a great treat for the skin and that her moisturizer gets absorbed better.

There are other blending sponges on the market, and I admit I haven’t tried all of them, but I have tried a few of them and they just aren’t quite up to the quality of the Original Beauty Blender.

I have had mine for almost four years, use it a few times a week, and it’s still in great shape! As with any makeup tool, don’t forget to clean it often however.

So no matter what type of makeup you use – tinted moisturizer, full coverage foundation, or powder – invest in one of these awesome little pink sponges!

Product Review: Joe Fresh Daily Boost Foundation

A while back I reviewed Joe Fresh lip gloss for Product Review Friday and I was quite critical about it. It was a disappointing product and it isn’t worth a re-buy…but I wanted to review another Joe Fresh product to show you that there IS incredible products in this line!

So today I’m talking about Joe Fresh Daily Boost Foundation. It’s a light to medium coverage foundation that provides a nice dewy finish, which lasts all day. I love the way this foundation makes my skin look – it covers up any redness and small pimples yet still allows my skin to look natural – not mask-like.

This is one of my go-to foundations for when I’m having a slight breakout, or feeling a little red as it does provide a bit more coverage than the usual CC creams I tend to turn to.

Joe Fresh cosmetics is both trendy and mainstream at the same time. The colors are VERY wearable and all in all they have some fabulous products.

I’m also happy to announce that Shoppers Drug Mart has now partnered up with Joe Fresh and the whole beauty line is available in their stores! So no more travelling to Superstore locations, or stand alone Joe Fresh stores, you can now just head to your local Shoppers – who often have sales and offer those coveted Optimum points!