Until last week I had never heard the term multipotentialite – now I have seen it no less than six times! I read a blog post about it, heard someone on TV refer to it, and randomly stumbled across the same TED talk THREE times where Emilie Wapnick breaks this term down, and tells us why it’s OK, and even kinda awesome, to be a multipotentialite.

I’ve always been a little bit interested in pretty much everything. I will read a book on just about anything, I love to ask questions to delve further into unfamiliar situations,  I find it hard to make decisions, and have never truly been able to commit to a certain niche of life – but until now I didn’t know it had a name, and that super cool name is Multipotentialite!

It’s certainly nice to know I’m not alone in my scattered-brained – whoops I mean multipotentialite – life, but has it always worked in my favor – no, not really. I DO know a little bit about a lot of stuff, which can come in handy…but I find myself wanting to learn MORE, MORE, MORE – and unfortunately not about what I’m already learning – I want to move on to the next thing, quite often leaving the first thing behind.

When I sit still for too long I get antsy – I don’t mean sitting through a long movie though, I mean sitting still through life. I, like most people, can find myself settling in and getting into a rut every so often, but instead of getting comfortable in that rut, I get nervous and scared. Of what, I don’t know. I then need something to break up the rut – and too many times I’ve made some pretty big life challenges to fix this. Lucky for me these life changes have all turned out to be good moves. But now I have a toddler and while I do want to teach her to leap and try new things, I feel like I need to provide a solid base for her, and there are some things I have started that I need to finish, for her sake.

Maybe this is why I have trouble making some changes in my life – new habits and a healthier way of living. Or maybe this is just my excuse haha!

I look forward to delving into this term more, and hopefully learning more about myself – maybe this will help me through my next rut!

Who’s with me? Does this ring true for anyone else?!