I’m making changes – and so should you!

If you came to this site looking for Beauty and the Babycarriage – you are in the right place – well, sort of.

My intention with Beauty and the Babycarriage was to transform myself from being totally beauty and fashion obsessed to more of a homebody – a domestic goddess of sorts. Did I succeed? Kinda. I feel satisfied with what I’ve done. I have a great balance of new skills along with not having to give up everything I love. My next step is to show my daughter (and the rest of the world!) that we really can do ANYTHING – and EVERYTHING we want.

I’m a Mom to a wonderful little girl, a wife to an awesome man, and a friend to a huge variety of people. I have a great career I’ve crafted for myself (although it’s 100% true the Freelance writing life has its major ups and downs!) and I’m committed to living my EPIC life.

Here’s the thing – I’m not just going to write posts about what I’m doing…I’m encouraging you all to come along with me. Share, share, share. And support. I’m building a community of people of all walks of life, of any age, who want to take that next step. It’s not always easy – but it helps to have support and encouragement. I’m even here for the people who have no idea what they want…because that was me when I was in my 20’s and early 30’s – and I know it doesn’t feel great.

Stay tuned for more – there’s SO much more to come 🙂


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