About me

Allow me take you back about four years: I was the girl who knew all about the latest beauty items and trends and had cupboards and drawers littered with barely used products. Five filled to the brim closets and overflowing dressers told the story of how fashion obsessed I was. My wonderful boyfriend of six years was finally getting used to my lifestyle and we were both lucky enough to work from home. We would get up in the morning – rarely before 11am – and decide on a whim that we would pack our bags and head to another city for a few days, weeks, or occasionally months. Life for me was pretty good, fairly unstressful, and mostly taken for granted.

Flash forward three years to last Spring: My Gran, the wise, witty woman who I spent the most time with when I was growing up, was rapidly declining after being diagnosed with dementia. Right around the same time my Dad, who I had barely seen or talked to over the past 15 years, was admitted to the hospital ICU in ‘not looking good’ condition. Suddenly family became very important. Wonderful boyfriend and I (now together 9 years) had talked in passing about having a baby, with me usually shooting the idea down, but now I was suddenly feeling my biological clock tick…

Here we are today: Wonderful boyfriend and I will be celebrating 10 years together this summer and are extremely proud of our adorable Baby Girl! My Dad miraculously made a full recovery and he is very much enjoying being a Grandfather, and the rest of my family and friends have been supportive and helpful beyond words in preparing for and helping to raise Babygirl. Family is the most important thing to me now. Beauty and fashion have shifted to the back burner, always being of interest to me, but not as much as an obsession or lifestyle. I’ve decided it’s time to learn some more skills. I dream of being able to bake cookies and cook a healthy, delicious dinner with my daughter. I’d love to grow my own fruits and vegetables, knit her some mittens, and not have to give her shirt to my Mom if it needs a button sewn back on.

Through trial and error, I wish to take you on this journey with me and I welcome your feedback and advice. Motherhood can be hard, learning new skills can be difficult, and trying new things can feel terrifying. But in the end, it’s all totally worth it 🙂


***2016 Update – the above was written almost 2 years ago so we now have a beautiful TWO year old, wonderful boyfriend and I will be celebrating TWELVE years this summer, and my Dad is still doing fine and Babygirl is his world.

I’ve decided to change the focus of this blog just a wee bit. I realize that the idea of me becoming a domestic goddess type Mom was a wee bit ambitious for me now. I am still trying new things, and offering up my adventures in the parenting world and this thing called LIFE! I still welcome your feedback and advice, and am looking forward to continue the journey I’m on – because so far it’s working!



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