I’m making changes – and so should you!

If you came to this site looking for Beauty and the Babycarriage – you are in the right place – well, sort of.

My intention with Beauty and the Babycarriage was to transform myself from being totally beauty and fashion obsessed to more of a homebody – a domestic goddess of sorts. Did I succeed? Kinda. I feel satisfied with what I’ve done. I have a great balance of new skills along with not having to give up everything I love. My next step is to show my daughter (and the rest of the world!) that we really can do ANYTHING – and EVERYTHING we want.

I’m a Mom to a wonderful little girl, a wife to an awesome man, and a friend to a huge variety of people. I have a great career I’ve crafted for myself (although it’s 100% true the Freelance writing life has its major ups and downs!) and I’m committed to living my EPIC life.

Here’s the thing – I’m not just going to write posts about what I’m doing…I’m encouraging you all to come along with me. Share, share, share. And support. I’m building a community of people of all walks of life, of any age, who want to take that next step. It’s not always easy – but it helps to have support and encouragement. I’m even here for the people who have no idea what they want…because that was me when I was in my 20’s and early 30’s – and I know it doesn’t feel great.

Stay tuned for more – there’s SO much more to come 🙂




Until last week I had never heard the term multipotentialite – now I have seen it no less than six times! I read a blog post about it, heard someone on TV refer to it, and randomly stumbled across the same TED talk THREE times where Emilie Wapnick breaks this term down, and tells us why it’s OK, and even kinda awesome, to be a multipotentialite.

I’ve always been a little bit interested in pretty much everything. I will read a book on just about anything, I love to ask questions to delve further into unfamiliar situations,  I find it hard to make decisions, and have never truly been able to commit to a certain niche of life – but until now I didn’t know it had a name, and that super cool name is Multipotentialite!

It’s certainly nice to know I’m not alone in my scattered-brained – whoops I mean multipotentialite – life, but has it always worked in my favor – no, not really. I DO know a little bit about a lot of stuff, which can come in handy…but I find myself wanting to learn MORE, MORE, MORE – and unfortunately not about what I’m already learning – I want to move on to the next thing, quite often leaving the first thing behind.

When I sit still for too long I get antsy – I don’t mean sitting through a long movie though, I mean sitting still through life. I, like most people, can find myself settling in and getting into a rut every so often, but instead of getting comfortable in that rut, I get nervous and scared. Of what, I don’t know. I then need something to break up the rut – and too many times I’ve made some pretty big life challenges to fix this. Lucky for me these life changes have all turned out to be good moves. But now I have a toddler and while I do want to teach her to leap and try new things, I feel like I need to provide a solid base for her, and there are some things I have started that I need to finish, for her sake.

Maybe this is why I have trouble making some changes in my life – new habits and a healthier way of living. Or maybe this is just my excuse haha!

I look forward to delving into this term more, and hopefully learning more about myself – maybe this will help me through my next rut!

Who’s with me? Does this ring true for anyone else?!

My Body is asking for a change in 2017

I turned 39 a few days ago and since my birthday is followed 3 days later by a brand new year beginning, I’m always extra encouraged to ‘make it my best year ever!’ I’ve written before about how I’m not good at keeping resolutions, and to just ‘keep on keeping on’ with what worked the year before – but this year there WILL be a change!

Although I have no fear of turning 40 next year, I believe my body does. I’m overweight and am starting to get those aches and pains creeping in. I’m not unhappy with the way I look, but I’m starting to be unhappy with the way I feel.

I’m already reading posts from people about all the changes they are going to make – to stop eating sugar, wheat, dairy, and practically every other food out there, and to join a gym and exercise 6 days a week, 3 hours a day. That’s. Not. Me. Nope – I love food, I plan on giving nothing up, I don’t like exercise so I’m going to just add a wee bit of it to my routine.  I’m not trying to alter my body completely – just get a bit healthier, and hopefully shed a few pounds.

Here’s to 2017 – and age 39 – let’s all celebrate by eating cake (just in smaller portions!)



Christmas Traditions – will one find us?

This year, much like last year – and the few years before that, Christmas with our family will be different. I can’t even remember a year in the past five years or so where someone wasn’t mad at someone else so they didn’t come, another family member decided on a whim to travel somewhere, or just arrive late and mess up the flow of the day.

When I was growing up we at least had some kind of ‘tradition’. Christmas Day the entire family arrived at my Gran’s house by about noon. Present opening was a blur of ripped paper, almost in a competition to see who could open all their presents fastest, and every year at least one person opened someone else’s gift by accident – my Uncle holding up a pink blouse in confusion one year after misreading his name on the tag. Presents were lost in the mess of torn up wrapping paper, tags went missing in our pile of presents, and in the hours following the sheepish ‘who gave me this?’ question had to be asked about half the presents in the stack. My Gran would wander around, cigarette in one hand, can of coke in the other, inspecting everyone’s presents to see what we got – and what she could steal or trade for. Receipts were doled out for presents that didn’t quite make the muster and needed to be returned.

I was never sure why we had to be so frantic in our present opening – dinner was usually hours away and the afternoon was spent in boredom and having to make the same conversation over and over again, after the presents were sorted and piled in their respective piles of course.

But even this strange ‘traditional’ type Christmas went down the drain about five years ago when my Gran was first diagnosed with dementia. Having too many people around wasn’t ideal for her so Christmas was essentially cancelled. We did get together with a few family members and had a good time, but it was strange. The following year was even stranger as my Gran was in a care home – so we had Christmas at her house, but without her there. Strange.

Then I had Babygirl, and Gran passed away, and Christmas became totally different again. Babygirl was 11 months old on her first Christmas so she kinda ‘got it’ and it was magical to see her rip open presents and discover this cool thing called Christmas. The family home was sold so we started the new tradition of holding Christmas at my cousin’s house. My cousin agreed with me on the ‘why rip open all of our presents at once’ question, so we introduced ‘slow Christmas’ where everyone took a turn opening a present, thus being able to thank the correct person and have some inkling after about who gave you what. You would think all of this would be pretty cool – but a few family members opted not to come, to travel instead. Christmas got strange again. And last year we once again held it at my cousin’s house, and those missing family members came! But a few others skipped it…

Now we’re upon this Christmas season…but this year my cousin has moved, so half of our family will be celebrating in his town, with the rest of us here. Likely the celebrations will be at our (small, not totally Christmas-equipped) home. I’m already feeling the strangeness (and stress!) of this year and we are still 3 weeks away!

Babygirl is almost 3 now and I feel like I need to start some type of holiday tradition with her since we don’t have, and are unlikely to have in the future, a stable ‘traditional’ Christmas Day. I’ve been searching for something that may be the right fit for our little family of 3, even if it doesn’t involve the strange that is bound to be Christmas-Day. We’ve decorated, and baked – but as a creative person I have been trying to incorporate that into our routines year-round so it doesn’t feel special enough. Although I feel a bit guilty about it, we’re not ‘Church people’ so that doesn’t feel right either. There has been some Christmas festivities in our town in the last few weeks, but they involve big crowds and usually standing in the rain/cold, so although we may do them (weather pending) it’s not likely something we can commit to yearly.

I feel like I’m looking too hard, and panicking because Christmas is almost here. A friend has told me that NO tradition can be our tradition, but that doesn’t feel right. It may be the way it has to be…but it doesn’t feel right.

So my question now is: Are traditions something you actually start, or are they something that just comes generically, until you realize that it’s a tradition for your family? Am I stressing too hard, will tradition find us?

Product Review: Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Threat Conditioner

My boyfriend loves products that make his scalp and skin tingle – and while I can tell you from an esthetic standpoint that tingling isn’t typically a good effect as it means your skin is being irritated – I bought this conditioner for him so he could continue his appreciation of all things tingly!

One night during a late evening shower, in which I forgot to bring in my new bottle of conditioner for myself, I reached for this Giovanni product and was pleasantly surprised. Yes, it did tingle a bit – but not so much I could feel my scalp fighting the irritation, and it went on quite nicely. Tea tree can be kinda hit and miss for a lot of people – some love it, some hate it, but it wasn’t overly tea tree smelling and the smell didn’t linger so don’t let your tea tree aversion deter you from this product. This conditioner was easy to rinse out and left my hair feeling soft and shiny. My hair is long and a bit delicate so I don’t know if I would be able to use this as my all-the-time conditioner as it’s fairly mild, but I have used it a few times since and always enjoy the way my hair looks afterward.

I have used other Giovanni products in the past and was quite happy with them so I can vouch for the fact it’s a good line. It’s also cruelty free and more natural than most other products out there so you can feel good about using it!

Pick up this, and other Giovanni products, at most local health food stores as well as Whole Foods.


Product Review: Original Beauty Blender

Maybe you’ve seen that little pink, bulb shaped sponge at Sephora and wondered what it is and why you need it. Well that my friends is the Original Beauty Blender Sponge and I’ll give you a few good reasons why you need it!

The common use is to use it to apply your foundation. My favorite way is to run it under warm water then squeeze it a few times to release the extra water, dip it into foundation and dab and blend all over my skin. The water helps to give you a smooth finish, and also works to ‘fill’ the sponge so it doesn’t soak up (and waste) a lot of extra foundation.

The shape of the sponge allows you to move the foundation into and around all the creases of your skin – again giving you that flawless finish.

If you are a powder foundation lover, this sponge, slightly dampened, rolls over your skin to lock the powder in and eliminates the ‘powder look’ – thus giving you a glowy, more natural finish.

Use it to dab on your liquid blush, to blend in your contour, highlighter and luminizer, and even use the thinner end to apply your concealer.

I have a friend who has a second sponge she uses to ‘roll on’ her moisturizer every morning and evening. I have personally not tried this – I really should – but she swears it’s a great treat for the skin and that her moisturizer gets absorbed better.

There are other blending sponges on the market, and I admit I haven’t tried all of them, but I have tried a few of them and they just aren’t quite up to the quality of the Original Beauty Blender.

I have had mine for almost four years, use it a few times a week, and it’s still in great shape! As with any makeup tool, don’t forget to clean it often however.

So no matter what type of makeup you use – tinted moisturizer, full coverage foundation, or powder – invest in one of these awesome little pink sponges!

Product Review: Joe Fresh Daily Boost Foundation

A while back I reviewed Joe Fresh lip gloss for Product Review Friday and I was quite critical about it. It was a disappointing product and it isn’t worth a re-buy…but I wanted to review another Joe Fresh product to show you that there IS incredible products in this line!

So today I’m talking about Joe Fresh Daily Boost Foundation. It’s a light to medium coverage foundation that provides a nice dewy finish, which lasts all day. I love the way this foundation makes my skin look – it covers up any redness and small pimples yet still allows my skin to look natural – not mask-like.

This is one of my go-to foundations for when I’m having a slight breakout, or feeling a little red as it does provide a bit more coverage than the usual CC creams I tend to turn to.

Joe Fresh cosmetics is both trendy and mainstream at the same time. The colors are VERY wearable and all in all they have some fabulous products.

I’m also happy to announce that Shoppers Drug Mart has now partnered up with Joe Fresh and the whole beauty line is available in their stores! So no more travelling to Superstore locations, or stand alone Joe Fresh stores, you can now just head to your local Shoppers – who often have sales and offer those coveted Optimum points!

Product Review: TARTE Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara

Today’s review is about a longtime favorite product of mine – TARTE’s Lights, Camera, Splashes Mascara!

As a teen in the 90’s I gravitated towards the ever popular green and pink tube of Maybelline Great Lash – but oh boy, have I learned since then! In my 20+ years of being a beauty lover and my almost 10 years being immersed directly IN the beauty industry I estimate I’ve tried about 100 different brands and types of mascara. So the fact that whenever I’m not being sent a new product to try and I’m in need of mascara I pick up a tube of Lights, Camera, Lashes EVERY time is saying a lot!

Now I’ve got to say that this mascara is my ‘everyday use’ mascara. It won’t give you sky high glossy, jet black, touching your forehead, lashes (I’ve got other products for that which I’ll share in the future!) but you (likely) don’t want a mascara that daring in your every day routine anyway – you want nice, clump-free, definition that doesn’t flake or give you raccoon eyes after only a few hours of wearing it – and Lights, Camera, Lashes will make you proud.

The tube itself is this really cool, quilted packaging that DOESN’T ROLL OFF YOUR COUNTER!! SO key because how often have we put our mascara down to wipe off a stray bit, or curl your lashes…and it rolls right off the counter?! But awesome packaging aside, this mascara is great. For those of you who are swimmers or criers Lights, Camera, SPLASHES is also available and is the waterproof version (disclaimer: as I am not a swimmer, nor much of a crier, I have not tried this particular product).

Now, the bad news…this mascara is a bit on the pricey side…it’ll set you back about $25 and as you all should be doing, mascara should be replaced every 3-4 months so this may be a bit of a bite in the bank account. I personally think it’s worth it. I have other products I prefer on the ‘lower end’ of the scale so splurging for a particular product which always comes through is worth it.




Product Review: NARS Pressed Finishing Powder

Today’s product is the NARS Pressed Finishing Powder! NARS is a company that doesn’t disappoint – they have a wide array of products and are up on the latest trends – but not shoving them in your face. NARS provides a nice blend of classy and stylish makeup. And they are cruelty free which is extremely important to me.

The NARS pressed finishing powder will set your makeup and add a luminous sheen to your face – giving it an airbrushed look. It lasts a long time and sets your makeup beautifully. Upon first glance this white powder may be intimidating to some (not me since I’m super pale haha) but it truly does melt into your makeup and lock it in with a gently glowy (not JLo glowy!) look so I’d recommend it no matter what your skin tone is. If your skin is dry it can look slightly cakey – but if you use a finishing spray as well that will help it settle into that no-makeup look.

The first few times I picked up this product I grabbed the loose version – I liked it but found it a wee bit messy (as loose powders can be!), then one time I went to pick some up and my local Sephora was out of the loose, so I picked up the pressed. At first I found the pressed a wee bit harder to work with, since I was used to the loose, but actually found myself re-buying the pressed on my last trip since it is a bit more convenient to work with. It’s easier to travel with as it comes in a smaller container, and is easy to use on-the-go if you need to.

NARS has a wide range of colored pressed powders to match your skin tone, and they are great products, but I prefer this white pressed finishing powder. I find it easier to work with and happier with the results on my skin.

Product Review: Hard Candy Glamoflauge

I have some friends who are professional makeup artists and their kits are loaded up with products from the higher end brands that they work for/prefer…but recently two of them admitted to me that they carry a special, extra low priced secret weapon in their stash…

The secret is Hard Candy’s Glamoflauge! It’s a light, yet heavy duty concealer which can be used to conceal, well, just about anything! I picked up a tube a few months ago and have been quite impressed. I dab just a little on my red areas, and any small breakouts, and it covers surprisingly well, lasts a long time, and most importantly, doesn’t go super cakey – even at the end of a very long day! I’ve also used it on top of a few more serious pimples I battled about a month ago and it covers those well too. Dark circles are a wee bit of a challenge for this product – if yours are light this may be worth a try, but mine are super duper so I need to use a different product.

Glamoflauge is a good sized tube and a steal of a deal – I believe it’s about $6 a tube. This product REALLY holds up to a lot of the fancier, much more expensive brands.